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I realize I haven't quite updated my DA in a LOOOONG time, so here's a few things I'm up to.

  1. Lullaby of Al'Sura
    It's not dead, but it's not alive, either. I am not working on it ATM. The last Status was that I was working on the old pages, cleaning them up for rerelease (and editing some of the bad dialogue). There were only around 20-25 more of the old pages that needed cleaning when I last worked on it (out of 200, so the major work is done).
    I had written a summary of the following chapters as well, to help me plan before I do the script planning, however I had suddenly had an enlightenment in regards to storytelling and character development that gave me, as a writer, a slight existential crisis - I knew NOTHING of character development or carefully constructing meaningful bonds or bonding time. It might appear that I did in the old pages of Lullaby, but the truth is, that I did not. I decided to put Lullaby aside for now and practice my new insight into the beauty of character development and story structuring on another, smaller project called Counterbalance (see more on that bellow). I am hoping that once Counterbalance is up and running, I will have time to revisit Lullaby and bring it back, as it is a story that deserves to be told, despite the fact that I started it in my infant state as a writer.
  2. Counterbalance
    Some of you might've noticed I posted some artwork recently that were tagged under the Project Counterbalance.
    But what exactly is Counterbalance?
    Counterbalance is a project that rose up when my eyes started to open up to the power of Character Development, and I decided to practice what I have learned on a story with a small cast (3 main characters only) and make it the best thing I can do in terms of storytelling. I started writing scripts for it in November last year, and so far I have written and rewritten 16 episodes, with a total of 40 planned (I know, this doesn't seem like a small project, but compared to what I had planned for Lullaby, trust me its smaller, and once the groundwork is done, it can also run much smoother than Lullaby).
    What medium will I release Counterbalance as?
    I plan to release Counterbalance as a serialized Audiodrama Podcast (free, by the way!) accompanied by several Artworks depicting scenes from the story.
    Why audiodrama? Why not manga, like Lullaby?
    Well because I've been doing Voiceacting for other audiodramatists for a while now, and quite frankly, I licked blood. My Sis and I will be voicing two of three main characters, and we're having the time of our life. As for the manga part - As I mentioned earlier, Counterbalance was supposed to be a playground to help me refine my craft as writer. As such, I'm looking for quicker ways to release a story, quicker than manga anyway. It takes a bit more work upfront to smooth the crossing, but once I have the groundwork done, I will be able to release a full episode per month, maybe even bi-weekly. Oppose that to the time it took me to draw one chapter of Lullaby? Getting out 3 chapters took me 2 years, so....
    When will I start releasing?
    I'm not sure yet. I want to write all the episodes first, before starting to produce. I am HOPING I can get it done by early-mid 2018, but my attention is slightly divided between other projects as well, most prominently Project Sanguine Song (see bellow).
  3. Sanguine Song
    Sanguine Song is a collaborative audiodrama project between me and my friend KrisiChiki . It is slow going, and we only work on it once a week, but it is a slightly larger project than Counterbalance, so we don't want to rush it or half-ass it. It is a story based on a 15-page comic she drew back in 2014/15 for her BA-Degree, but there was not enough time to do justice to the story or the characters. We decided to see what this story could become, if it is given the space it needs to flourish. It became much larger than we had expected, but we're loving brainstorming on it together and getting a feel of how it is to work on a project together. A useful skill to have, IMO, as I realized how a partner to discuss things with can really increase the value of your trade.
    There is not much else I can say for this project, other than that we're still in the outlining phase, but we already got a few Voice Actors and composers on board.
  4. Audio Drama
    I originally started joining up the english speaking audio-drama community as a way to find more content, but I ended up becoming very immersed in the community, so much that I am now a go-to person for Cover-Art, have had several Voiceacting-Gigs in established Audiodramas and a few that are still in production, and am part of the Admin-Team around the so called "Audio Drama Production Podcast", a Podcast and Facebook Group centered around helping newbies and professionals alike with any production problem in the creation of Audio Drama Podcasts.
    The Hivemind has taught me a lot, not only in regards to audio drama production, but also about story and script writing, how to organize, how to socialize and approach people whom I'm asking for favors, how to stand up for what I do with pride 
  5. Commissions
    Some of you might've noticed a lot of the work I post these days are commissions. To those of you interested, I still do take commissions (PN me for details), though anything I take up also distracts me from working on any of the above projects, so I try to keep the commission count low (no more than 3 at a time, unless people with deadlines approach me). So yes, I also have a few commissions on my plate, some of which I only release when the actual show comes out so I can post the links to the shows along with the deviations. So I'm not exactly twiddling my thumbs over here :P My plate is more than full.

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Woop woop

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? - since 2003, thats... 12 years I believe? o.o

  2. What does your username mean? - Its the short form of my artists name "Kessi Riliniki". There had been other usernames I went by throughout the years, but I had never felt entirely comfortable with them. With this one, I can whole heartedly identify.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. - Creative minded INTJ

  4. Are you left or right handed? - Right, although I try to use left a lot to keep it from getting jealous of my right.

  5. What was your first deviation? - I am not sure but I recall it was one of my first digital paintings; one was of a cheetah sitting in tall grass, another of two of my characters, Ensariyan (a dolphin anthro) and Tunrahi (a bear) at the beach

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? - Environmental concept art, Anthro art, Cellshade is fun and fast too.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? - Audio Editing. Its an enigma to me :(

  8. What was your first favourite? - No clue. I don't favorite a lot, I'm more the "save to hard drive" type.

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? - Concept art and environmental art.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? - shilin Neko-Art kikidoodles Dumpling-Canai KrisiChiki

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? - Dumpling-Canai KrisiChiki

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? - I found true and pure love, untainted by sexual desires :heart:

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? -Chu, my .5mm mechanical Pencil, and my Bamboo Fun.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? - Either following entries on the "More from DeviantArt" sections when I'm looking at environmental concept art, or going through my Artbook collection, containing over 50 books by now.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? -They come and go and its hard to pin one down... I've met many dear and interesting people via deviantart. Many of them I stay in touch with even after they left the platform years ago, others I found again on DA after having lost contact when our main communication plattform either broke down or was left by either of us. There is no one event that stuck out for me, but I have accumulated many fragments of memories over the years connected to Deviantart. And I feel very fortunate to be priviledged to collect them.

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Havent featured in a bit, so now here's a new one :D
Featuring :iconzhoujiasheng:ZhouJiaSheng, who draws mainly environmental works. His pieces are vibrant and lavishly textured, the landscapes he draws are on the verge of being fantasy. The colorpalettes he choses allow for a instant immersing and suspend of disbelif. His works seem very real and very natural at the same time.

Traveling by ZhouJiaSheng Mayday by ZhouJiaSheng FFVII - Car breaks down near Cosmo Canyon by ZhouJiaSheng My Friend by ZhouJiaSheng Practice 2 by ZhouJiaSheng Home by ZhouJiaSheng Mystical Forest by ZhouJiaSheng Desert/Canyon by ZhouJiaSheng Towards The Stars by ZhouJiaSheng The Saviors by ZhouJiaSheng

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Feature #6 - Maximko
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By featuring deviants whose art is inspirational to me, I also wish to broadcast a broad variety of artists - I don't limit my preference to any one style and neither should anyone ;)
As such, today's feature is that of :iconmaximko:Maximko, a german artist that draws mindblowingly realistic portraits of gorgeous girls (and a few boys :P), in a style and with skill that could possibly soon rival that of the great #sakimichan. As a marvelous bonus he also posts a step-by-step piece of each of his works, so you can study and learn from the master ;) I'm certainly enthralled by his work :love:

Fox Ears Girl by Maximko Unicorn Light Elfgirl by Maximko Gaea - Catgirl - Portrait by Maximko Mulan Fanart by Maximko Tattoo Neko by Maximko Warrior Elf girl by Maximko Shy Witch by Maximko

Here's a sample of his finished work sided by the step-by-step montage. They're funny to read too :D
Whiteskin Elfgirl by Maximko Whiteskingirl - step by step by Maximko

And here's that one boy in his gallery ;)
Ichigo Fanart by Maximko

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Today's feature is :iconghostillustrations:ghostillustrations, a mostly environmental artist that uploads images at an insane pace! honestly I've been watching him for barely a week and he uploaded more than I have in an entire year Waaaah!
His work contains magnificent speedpaintings of landscape in compelling and vivid hues and broad strokes. His style is painterly and rough, but absolutly on the spot - he conveys the image with simplicity. The way he plays with depth with both the light and the color temperature is compelling and beautiful :love:. But please, let these landscapes speak for themselves I am a dummy!


<da:thumb id="538239985"/><da:thumb id="537372965"/><da:thumb id="538260601"/><da:thumb id="536790437"/><da:thumb id="536790590"/><da:thumb id="515916691"/><da:thumb id="513732517"/><da:thumb id="446073211"/><da:thumb id="445499506"/><da:thumb id="409584675"/><da:thumb id="446530168"/>

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Feature #1 - Nigreda
Feature #2 - Cherepashich
Feature #3 - Soltia
Feature #4 - Snekoi
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New week, new Feature!
Today I want to put the spotlight on :iconsnekoi:snekoi, an anthro artist after my own heart :la:
Her illustrations feature mainly portraits of Modern Anthro as most of my viewers are used to see from me, which are humanoid faced anthros. Her main focus is on bust of Characters with beautiful faces :la::iconlaplz::la: But she also draws occasional animals.
If you like my style of anthro then I'm pretty sure you'll also like hers ;)

Dashiell by snekoi Rasmus portrait by snekoi Lightning by snekoi Ignite by snekoi Request: Husky Girl by snekoi It's all about us by snekoi Haylo by snekoi When I Break Through by snekoi

And here a special for all my foxloving bffs to melt your heart
Alone in the dark [Kiriban] by snekoi

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Feature #2 - Cherepashich
Feature #3 - Soltia
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Today's feature is the artist :iconsoltia:Soltia, who draws realisticly cellshaded fantasy art.
Her artworks feature many deep and vibrant landscapes, within which dwell equally vibrant and extraordinarily detailed fantasy creatures, such as dragons, gryphons and the like, but also canines and felines. While the style is semi realistic on both the backgrounds and the creatures, the magnificent details and the vivid hues suit each other perfectly. Definately worth a check if you eyegasm on colors ;)


  Today will be a good day by Soltia Fox by Soltia Avamri by Soltia Northern hunter by Soltia Are we going? by Soltia In the forest by Soltia Keeping warm by Soltia Favorite place by Soltia Lead me, the oldest by Soltia

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Feature #1 - Nigreda
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Today I want to feature the russian artist :iconcherepashich:Cherepashich
Her art features mainly anatomical sketch studies of humans, anthro and animals, often paired with some macabre/creepy elements. The way she creates a simple yet intriguingly realistic shading and the way she shapes bodies with just the use of simple light is excellent. Her works provide great sample of how you can define the body without outlines or becoming overly fancyful, yet create a realistic feel.

S-SH by Cherepashich Untitled by Cherepashich Millenium by Cherepashich Trachemys scripta elegans by Cherepashich Lisiska by Cherepashich Millenium by Cherepashich

Sadly, her Gallery is not too extensive yet. However I find some of her work to be real jewels for lovers of shaping bodies with light :)

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Feature #1 - Nigreda
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Every once in a while I come across profiles of people with magnificent, gorgeous, breathtaking, astonishing, mesmerizing and awe-invoking works - That are sadly completely underrated.
Most of us that have been around DA for long enough know by now that art on this platform is more often than not judged more by its content than its particular creative value - Artworks submitted to fandoms are more likely to attract a broad audience than works artists do for their personal agenda.

I've been meaning to feature Works of such people for a while now, but alas, my own fellowship is not broad either ;)
Nevertheless, this way I hope that I can bring a few of those great artists to peoples attention. And perhaps you, too, will find something that will draw your interest among these. So expect a Feature every other day or so and keep a watch on my Journal, if you have interest for more.
And through these you can also learn what makes my heart beat with artistic love :love:

Todays feature is of the german artist :iconnigreda:Nigreda.
Most of her artwork feature amazingly detailed and painted environments, supernatural and fantastical creatures, and sometimes the fusion of both. If you, like me, have a nack for these things, please consider checking out with her gallery and leave her some nice comments :)

Matterhorn - Switzerland by Nigreda Griffin Mom by Nigreda Time to Head South by Nigreda Creeping Fog by Nigreda Force Field by Nigreda Equal Power by Nigreda

If you are one of my regular followers, please leave me a comment whether or not these are of interest to you or if you care for reading of me feature people :)
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I thought I could fix up all Lullaby pages by the beginning of June, but I greatly overestimated my capabilities. So I'll probably take a month or two longer to get into action. I have about 30 more sets to go (thats 2 pages per set).

Anyhow, while it's taken me almost 2 years to get back to Lullaby Book 2, my friend :icondumpling-canai:Dumpling-Canai had already begun with his second book of Project CX. If you're waiting from new content from me and are greatly disappointed in me (as Canai is, and as I am), you might as well go on and read his story in the meantime, because it's really awesome!
Just be warned that his page links suck and you might have to go back to his gallery and search for the proper next page sometimes :U

Heres the link to the organized folder of his story.

Some Random Previews
Project CX Bk1 Ch0.5 P1 by Dumpling-Canai Project CX Bk1 Chapter5 p184 by Dumpling-Canai Project CX Bk1 Chapter4 P132 by Dumpling-Canai Project CX Book2 Chapter1  p1-2 by Dumpling-Canai
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Hey guys, long time no hear. I figured after almost a year I'll update you on my current status.
As of late, I've been working off a few things from my To-Do list that have been there for over a year, just to uncluster my list a bit. Some art, noting some ideas, finishing off some trades or projects of friends, the usual.
Simultaneously, of course, I have also been working on fixing up old pages of Lullaby, and I'm done with almost the first 100 pages so far. Luckily later pages need barely any touch ups, so the remaining 100 should go off rather quickly.
What am I doing with these? For the most, I'm trying to unify all pages - same font, shading, contrast level, all of which have been rather random over the years or changed throughout. In addition, a lot of leads and references the story had so far slightly changed and I needed to fix those along the road, too, along with some minor cleaning or fixing of panels that I've been pissed off at for years. Nothing as major as redoing the entire thing, though, no worries. I wont fall into that trap.

I'm aware that I have lost my presence on the net over the year of abstinence. My plan is to repost all pages once the touchups are complete, to regain my fellowship and bring you guys up to date on the overworked narrative. I plan to post them on a stable, regular schedule (maybe 3 doublepages a week) and then pick up where I left once I reach the end of Chapter 3.

To give you a clear overview of what is ready so far, here's a few statistics (which I will try to update regularly):
Book 1 Sets* ready for public: 63/103
Book 2 Buffer-Sets* avalible: 3
Status of Cover for Book 2: 100% Done
A super secret extra bonus thingy: ~65% Done

Set*: A set is a compound of 2 facing pages equal to those that will later appear next to each other in the printed book.

I know that my consistency has been terrible and my word not very relieable in the past two years. What I'm doing now is to prepare my path to return to Lullaby and maintain a stable ground for me to stand on, rather than leaving myself obstacles I might or might not fix eventually. I have spend way too much time delivering makeshift solutions with Lullaby that came to bite me in the ass on the long run, and I don't wish to walk on unstable ground with this work again.
Thank you all so much for your patience and loyalty, I really appreciate it! To show my gratitude for accompanying me on this obstacle laden path, I'm crafting a super secret special bonus thing for all of you to be released with my return, which I am certain many of you will like :) So look forward to it!
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Hi guys, I'm back to bring you the latest update on my status :3
As of yesterday, I've officially finished my apprenticeship and became a full fledged Mediadesigner for Digital- and Printmedia. Thank you all so much for your support over the past years, which are one of the main reasons I could go on at some stages of this quite tedious journey! <3 I really did appreciate all the kind words you had in store for me!

However, the exam period has left its toll on me, resulting in really weird illnesses that cropped up right between theoretical exam and practical exam, which's effects still linger. One of these effects is that I now seem to have positional vertigo, which is triggered when i look up, down or veering my head to the right. This greatly effects my creativity on paper, obviously, so for now I've been keeping myself busy with working on the computer. There's no telling when or if it will go away, so for now I am just doing touch-ups on old pages of Lullaby and readying them to a level that I can safely say I'm okay with printing these. Those I will relaunch as soon as I've finished Chapter 1 and 2 (which should be fairly soon) and upload them in steady rhythms until I re-reach the end of Chapter 3. Only then will i start on Chapter 4.

Another reason I need a bit more time for Chapter 4 is that it features a couple of events that have changed course over the years and now conclude to a different goal than before; however the path to the new goals have not yet fully been updated, which includes things like writing the Plot, designing a few new characters and - actually learning how to draw again because obviously i haven't done it in 6 monthsಠ. My friend Dumpling-Canai had to experience that when we met up here in Germany and asked me to draw him something... I hope he isn't toooooo disappointed in what i managed to conjure up QAQ... Gomen nasai, Canai-chan!

Anyway, I will probably take the whole year "off" from any new lullaby content, until i got my life fixed up again. Theres no telling yet when I'll be ready though, but I'll keep updated :)
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Just as a general note for all those that are expecting stuff for me/waiting for stuff from me/whatever, my Exams will be due in about 1 Month, the exact date is the 15th of May. After that, I'll have about 2 or 3 more weeks of Practical Exams, though. So I'll be free in around 2 months from now. GAMBATTE, WATASHI-CHAN DX

I'm studying hard right now even though my boss and my coworkers tell me to take it easier... I'm mostly forcing myself though, because many of the topics that will be given to us during exams are stuffs we never did at school because our school is so badly organized, we've been missing a teacher's lesson for at least 30 hours of our time >_> Which we now need to learn on our own time. I'm so greatly disappointing in the school, i dont even. Have any words for it.
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For all those patiently awaiting my return to the Lullaby and my show of not betraying my journal from many Years ago about motivations in drawing a webcomic: I thank you so much for still sticking with me thus far, and want to appologize for my lack of presence lately!

I am definately not giving up lullaby. Even though i havent uploaded anything remarkable as of late, I am still furiously working on both, old and new content. Though i must admit that i havent been able to expand my buffer anymore yet, I still have more than 50% of my aimed buffer done by now, with a few additions of presketches for future pages, plotted dialoge, and... *drumrolls* even the cover will be done soon.
However, two major appointments are set for me in the future, which prevent me largely from focusing on my new content entirely, which will be:
1. I will be moving again during most of March. Hopefully we will be done with this quick enough so i can take up work again soon!
2. My apprenticeships finals are closing in, which wil be in mid May.
Even though the later date seems still far enough off to do some serious work, i'm currently rather sticking to finishing smaller projects, to get a crapload of those "small jobs" done to be free of them by the time my finals are through - so i can start with as much power as ever :U Thus I've currently committed myself on fixing up older pages of lullaby, as mentioned on an earlier journal, with newer, more coherent dialogues (and more credible, too), a stable font type, a consistent page size (and old pages will become double page sets as well), brighter greys (as i know from older comments, many pages were really quite dark on some monitors), and even a teeny bit of reworked art and redrawn panels (minor fixes, really). As soon as I finished fixing up Chapter 1, i will reup these in larger heaps, to not bore you people out of your skulls, and hopefully have enough buffer to start releasing Chapter 4 after that!

Gambatte, me-chan QAQ....

On other news: FANART QὠQ
Silent wind by Beti-Kot
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Hello dear readers of the Lullaby.
I am afraid to say that i'm bearer of bad news. I will have to put Lullaby on Hiatus until further notice.

Reallife has struck me in the solar plexus again, and i'm unable to keep up with my scedule, having to work overtime quite alot lately and also being in my last year of apprenticeship, making my spare time sparse :< I think most of you will be understanding towards this, so I just wanted to make an appology for this now.

I am thus putting Lullaby on hiatus until further Notice and will only start updating again when I will manage to get back to 7-10 sets Buffer + the Cover of the next Book (See a summary of my Status below, i'll try to keep it up to date if anyone's interested).
I have to admit that I rushed the last chapter a little to get the story done more swiftly, but I can see for myself that the storytelling lacks in quality because of this, and I even changed passages in the story to make the chapter shorter. As the next Chapter 4 marks an important turn of the Storyline, I'd rather put my all into it and do it properly, before I will be biting my ass for being such a lazy person (which i'm doing right now over some parts of the First 2 Chapters).
Further i'm still working on editing the pages of the first and second chapter over, however, I decided to make the pages equal (add shading and shades where necessary) and change some things about the old environment in their school which require a makeover of a few panels. My fluff Beti-Kot is diligently helping me with the changes, however with all the problems mentioned above, work is going slow.

I hope I will be able to have my buffer ready by the beginning of the next year, though, so lets hope for the best :)

Current Status:
Cover: Sketched
Chapter cover: done
Buffer: 3,5 / 7(/10)
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I'm finally back in action, after i've had to take another week break for learning for exams :S... BUT I'M TOTALLY HYPED to finish this chapter of lullaby finally (not yet, but soon!), and challenging myself to finish it before i hit 200 pages (I'm currently at 181!)
I also started doing an actual cover for this little bi4tch, i think after 2,5 years of existing it has the right to recieve such a thing. The old one is kinda outdated? XD I will upload it once i've finished it :3
Anyway, now that i'm reaching the end of first volume AND getting an actual printable fullcolor cover done, my boss Rob and my coworker Caro had started to slowly poke me into the direction of actual prints, thus i have gotten myself some paper samples from some printers and calculated my prices roughly. I plan to print the first volume in small amounts (up to 200 i think) by the end of the year, maybe beginning next year. But since i have no comprehension of how many followers I have, nor how many would be willing to actually purchase a copy, I had started a few polls in that behalf, and I would really appreciate if some of you would vote, just to give me a general idea what i could calculate with.

You can find the polls HERE

As far as I had seen, if I print in amounts of 100-200 for roughly 200 pages (its probably gona be a few more), the prices would be between 12-17 per book, not counting the shipping yet. I have yet to inform myself about shipping costs, though, but I would really appreciate if you would take your time to let me know if you would purchase the prints or not, that would really help me out :3

Also, if any of you plan to reread the Lullaby anytime soon and have a rough knowledge of engrish grammar or likes being a grammar nazi, you now have official permission to grammarnazi the hell out of my pages, because i know especially the old ones probably thrive with typos or stuff that could be said differently. I keep trying to reread, but such things usualy escape my eye :( Thats why i need betareaders/grammar nazi-aid T-T!

Thanks, guys!
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For all those that never read my announcement on the last pages of the Lullaby I uploaded:
I made a Tumblr account where i will upload concept art, work in progresses (new and old ones), omakes and silly stuff me and my toneresses made for the lullaby in the past years. Sometimes I might also upload half finished work that i dont consider worthy being put into my DA gallery as of yet or random speedpaintings.

As a make up for the missing updates that will pass by during this month i will upload something new every day, so make sure to follow/check back regularly :3
It can be found under
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CAUTION! :iconwalloftextplz:

Now I've announced a while ago that I will put the Lullaby on Hiatus in December. However I had never really lost a word as to why I'm pausing and how long. I want to explain a little why I'm going on Hiatus and what I'll be doing in the meantime.

The past few weeks and months have been quite straining to me. Not only because of things that happened to me, but also things that happened around me. Now i know that there's much more bad things happening to other people when i recall what i sometimes read in other peoples journals. I just want to let you all know that there's nothing life threatening or immense health issues happening to me.

About a month ago I've had a really, really bad week. During less than a week, several bad things had happened:
My old car, which i had bought of my own savings, had broken with an engine failure. We had to get a new car almost instantly, and that despite not having much money at hand at all. Luckily, Sascha's (my bf) parents offered to pay 1.000 for the finance of a new car, and my boss also gave us another 500. With that money we were able to buy a new car, which ironically was in even better shape than my old one, which cost us much more when we bought it.
During the same week, on a Thursday to be precise, our heater broke. Sascha managed to repair it on the Friday after, however it broke again during the night. We called the landlady the next day and she sent in the technician instantly. He diagnosed a broken Pump, but as he had none in reserve we were forced to spend the entire weekend in a cold apartment without warm water, and we even had to wait till Tuesday for the technician to get back to us. Ironically it was the coldest weekend of this year to that date, and the weekend before and after had been quite warm :( You cant believe how cold an apartment can get if its not constantly heated, even in the hallways it was warmer than in our apartment... Luckily Sascha's parents helped us again there and let us take a shower in their home...
In our home I tried to fill the bathtub with hot water from the water cooker and bathed like Duhliya in chapter 1 hahaha. Luckily i had experience with that from the times we were in the Philippines XD

In the same week and after, somehow many people around me experiences other kinds of technical problems. My coworker and best friend Caro's Laptop totally died and she lost all her files. My Bosses working computer decided not to work anymore and forced him to reinstall his system. I too had decided to reinstall my Windows to get rid of all the unneeded programs and corrupted Data I collected over the year. I actually like to do that, because you can never entirely clean up a Win... the problems will just pile up, one file corrupts the next and so i just ditch the old one and build it up entirely from scratch again... however i never had so many problems as this time. I couldn't even work on the lullaby for almost 4 days because i was reinstalling the system about 4 times till it worked properly.
I secretly suspect the objects are working towards 21/12 already hahaha.... No srsly i don't believe in that 21/12 Maya crap. As far as I've read into the Theme, the Date the Mayas predicted that on the 21/12 the Milky way will have made one entire spin since the date they started counting (or something similar to that). The Maya were exceptional Astronomers for that ancient a civilization and based many things in their calendar on astronomic events, hence I think that's more legit than the entire end of the world crap. Our calendars end every year, and no one has ever said O NO THE CALENDAR ENDS ITS THE END OF THE WORLD :/

ANYWAY to get back to my previous subject... In the weeks after the car and the heaters died I additionally had to work overtime several times till long into the night. Most of the time it wasn't even because I was slow, but because my old work computer was so slow. I had to work on some 3D files, and my old computer simply wasn't built for that. I kept telling my boss about it but he refused to believe it. Then one day he wanted me to show him some of the things I worked on and he noticed just how slow it really was. He asked me "Why didn't you ever tell me about this?" and instantly ran to order a new one XD... He's not usually ignorant... he's just silly sometimes.

Anyway, after about 3-4 weeks of straining work and unfortunate events I had thorn my buffer down from 9 Sets of pages to 3 (though i have 2 other sets still unfinished split up between my Toners and myself).
The weeks have mentally exhausted me, and even though i really want to work on the lullaby i really cant work fast on it anymore because of this. I suppose i'm on the edge of burning out. So i will hit the breaks here. I still really love to work on my story, but it has become more of a chore at the moment.
I will use the break in December to work on some other projects that had been sitting on my to-do list for a while, i will play some games i've wanted to play for months and i will try to just relax and if time allows it i will work on my buffer as well. In January i plan to start off only with 1 Update every second week, after that I'll see if i will stay with the lowered updates for a while or if i can jump right back to my current schedule in February.

I hope everyone that's been a loyal fan of my work so far will have understanding for this, and thank you already for your patience with me :3 There will be better times again, I promise :D!

And for all those that just now went :icontoolongdidntreadplz:
Summary of the upcoming Updates:

24. November: Pages 154-155
1. December: Pages 156-157
8.-29. December: no updates:iconokaymemeplz:
5. January: Pages 158-159
12. January: no update:iconokaymemeplz:
26. January: Pages 160-161
February: Pending~
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So... I fell for the Username change thing too XD My new Username now will be kessir from now on. I got tired of Andany for my username, since Andany is my char and i'm not usualy the person to identify myself with the names of my characters.

The name is my alias, though I used to be spelled Cassie, I felt that it became a too often used name, and since at some point I took up the spelling Kessi instead (as :iconkrisichiki: named me), I decided to use that instead :3 And as Kessi was already taken, I added the initial of my last name (Rink) at its end. So I will be Kessir :3 Simply because I love the sound of the -ir ending alot, and now I fit along well with the 3 worlds that my friends KrisiChiki and Beti-Kot and I are creating together: Aelmir, Negir and Zäa

Okay so much for that. Hope it helps you all remember my nickname, in case you care, but since you can still reach me under Andany You'll be fine :P
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Wow, i havent really updated this in a long time, now have I?

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that :iconfaewild:Faewild has forced me to join up on Smackjeeves. I've been asked to do this for quite some time now, but only Faewild has threatened to make an account for me, upload all the pages and then make me swallow the password for all i'm worth. :iconwatchoutweplz:

Anyway, this Smackjeeves account is still under designerish construction... especially since I've only started to really comprehend wtf i'm doing when I'm writing CSS XD
The page can be reached under
For all those out there that'd rather watch me there than here for reasons unknown to me XD

I've been told theres some issues with the Design on Internet explorer, I havent yet figured out how to fix those yet since my IE shows them right.... But i suppose all IE's show something different to everyone :iconmingplz:
Also, for now the two page spreads have to be scrollable there... I gues i will have to redo the design for the comic archieve so also people with resolutions smaller than 1200 wide can see it properly u_u sigh.... If only I wasnt so lazy ;O;

... any CSS cracks out there reading this willing to help me out? u.u
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